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Bird Pest Control

Signs Of A Bird Problem

Birds become pests when they nest on buildings. Their droppings, noise and defense of nest sites makes them a health and safety risk.

Live Birds: Unlike other pests which may go unnoticed, having a bird problem is immediately visible, particularly rooftops, ledges and windowsills.

Sound: Young birds chirping and crying constantly

Droppings: A high congregation of birds will produce a substantial amount of droppings, soon amounting to an eye sore

Commercial Problems Arising From A Birds

Diseases: Firmly established as vermin, birds through their droppings have the ability to spread a number of different disease. The can include salmonella and ornithosis, both of which could disrupt staff attendance and performance

Business Reputation: Particularly applicable to pigeons with the negative connotations they have. A company’s reputation could suffer if a bird problem is left untreated

Insect Carriers: Their mobility means that birds are perfect in aiding the transporting of insects such as fleas and bed bugs from one place to another. This has the possibility of adding another pest that requires treatment, raising overall costs

Damage: Said to be lucky, but bird droppings do have the ability to cause some serious and permanent damage. Whether it is rooftops, walkways or side of buildings, the strong salt and ammonia content results in bird droppings being corrosive, and the ability to hasten the rust. In extreme circumstances they can even lead to structural damage.

Bird Control Options

What we at Crofters Pest Control offer for Bird Control:

  • A friendly, fully-trained technician
  • Professional advice and guidance on prevention
  • A first visit within 24 hours of your call or enquiry, where possible

Bird control is unique from one situation to another so we always suggest giving us call to arrange a survey and discuss the options available.

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