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Wasps Pest Control

Wasps Pest Control and Wasps Nest Removal Services

There are many species of wasp worldwide – the vast majority are solitary and harmless. It is the social wasp species which cause problems, however there are eight social wasp species in the UK that look similar.

Wasps can appear anytime in spring if the weather is warm enough and they will remain active throughout the summer. In the early spring, a young queen will come out of her dormant winter state and build a small nest about the size of a walnut.

The queen will lay eggs, and as these hatch, the queen will busily feed the emerging larvae. Towards the end of May, these will have pupated and turned into workers who will start growing the nest and feeding the emerging larvae leaving the queen to concentrate on laying eggs. By early September the nest will contain between 4,000 to 10,000 wasps.

As summer nears its end, special cells containing the next generation of queens and breeding males will be made. Once these have reached adulthood, the workers have no more larvae to feed and become redundant. The workers still crave the larvae’s sweet reward, which is when wasps become a nuisance by crawling into coke cans, hanging around café bins and enjoying food we leave on outdoor tables. This is also when the wasps are at their most aggressive and most likely to use their nasty sting, often attacking anything moving too near to the nest.

How To Identify A Wasps Nest

Wasps tend to prefer dry concealed locations and this often brings them into conflict with humans as they will nest in places like loft spaces, roof cavities, window-sills, air bricks and chimney pots. In spring, the nest will be quite small and may be hard to find. By late summer the nests will often be visible.

Wasp Nest Removal Service

A Typical Wasp Nest Location

Generally, Pest Control requires some flexibility given the broad nature of the day to day jobs we encounter. The action shot above shows one of these eventualities with one of our guys here at Crofters Pest Control is doing his best to remove a recent Wasp Nest report within the Kent area.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps

If a wasps’ nest is established or in a difficult-to-reach place, it is far safer to call in a professional wasps’ nest removal service. At Crofters Pest Control we can offer a rapid call out service to deal with your wasp nest problem, around the Kent area and beyond.

What We can offer you:

  • A friendly, professional and efficient service
  • A qualified technician in your area for immediate help
  • A complete wasp nest treatment visit lasting no more than 45 minutes

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