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Rabbits Pest Control

Identifying A Rabbit Problem

There are a number of obvious signs which can help to identify a Rabbit problem, this includes serious damage to any private domestic garden to playing fields and golf courses. This is primarily through grazing herbaceous plants and woody plants. Rabbits are also attracted to bark, and they can easily strip the base of a bark tree away, causing serious damage, and even lead to killing the tree if all the bark around the base is removed

Another sign is their love of crops, flowers and young trees can lead to considerable costs both in terms of money and effort for re-planting

And finally, aesthetics. Rabbit burrows and the digging associated with them can be an eye-sore for an otherwise well-kept garden, playing field or golf course.

Rabbit Pest Control Services

If you suspect you have a Rabbit problem, then you should not delay, and call us. Rabbits can reproduce at very quick rates, consequently a minor problem could soon rapidly develop into a serious problem in a very short space of time. The longer you wait the harder it’ll be to treat, and the cost of the treatment will also rise.

For your Rabbit Problem, we can offer you a Rabbit control service incorporating:


  • Friendly, fully-trained technicians, who have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a in-depth inspection of your rabbit problem, offering the best solutions to manage and remedy it as quickly as possible
  • A variety of different treatments including shooting; trapping or gassing. Each treatment would be carried out with all the correct personnel, all holding the relevant certifications


  • Netting To prevent damage to particular areas

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