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Hornet Pest Control

How To Identify A Hornet Problem

Many people are more scared of hornets than wasps, in part because of their larger size and brighter colouring. European Hornets are far less aggressive than wasps and will try to avoid conflict with humans.

Hornets are natural pest controllers as they feed on insects such as flies, aphids and caterpillars. However, they are not popular with gardeners as they will damage plants to feed on their sap. Hornets are often confused with wasps but they are much bigger – sometimes more than double in size. They have distinctive yellow and brown rings on the abdomen, differing to the black and yellow of a wasp. The nest of a hornet will also be much larger than a wasps’ nest.

Hornet stings are incredibly painful and can be life threatening to individuals who are allergic.

The most frequent nesting site of hornets is hollowed out tree trunks but, like wasps, their nests will also be found in roof spaces, wall cavities and air bricks. They also like quiet areas of the garden like the shed and will even burrow underground to make a nest. Basically, they will nest anywhere with a suitable cavity.

The queen finds and chooses a suitable nest site then builds a nest from wood pulp. She lays and cares for the eggs until they hatch. She then cares for the larvae until they are ready to pupate and become workers who then take over the development of the nest.

The queen and any new queens she creates will fly away and hibernate over winter but, as the weather becomes colder, the nest will die out. Old nests are not re-used in subsequent years.

Hornet Pest Control Services

If you think that you have a hornets nest, it is essential that you do not attempt any DIY treatment.

What we at Crofters Pest Control can offer you:

  • A technician in your area for immediate help
  • A complete hornet nest treatment visit lasting no more than 45 minutes
  • Rapid Call out service

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