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Fleas Pest Control

How To Identify A Flea Problem

Few pests cause as much distress in a household as fleas. Not only do they affect your pets, they will make a meal of you and your children by causing uncomfortable skin irritations.

Small, brown and able to jump incredible distances, fleas are highly irritating and not something you want to share with visitors and colleagues. Fleas cause skin irritation to most people they bite, but some people may not react to the bite and so will be unaware of the problem. For people who do react, flea bites are very itchy and the effects can last for weeks.

Most people will realise they have a problem when they, or a family member, are bitten.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

If you suspect that you have fleas the very first thing to do is to vacuum the entire house and wash any pet bedding on a high heat. However, if the problem remains then professional help is required.

To help you get rid of your Flea problem, we at Crofters Pest Control can offer you:

  • A friendly, fully-trained technician, who has the knowledge and expertise to precisely identify the cause of your flea problem.
  • The technician can also give advice as to general tips to ensure this does not happen again
  • A first visit within 24 hours of your call or enquiry, where possible
  • A residual spray treatment of your entire problem to kill all fleas

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