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Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrel Pest Control Services

Introduced from America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the grey squirrel has spread widely and today is a well-known feature of British parks, gardens and woodland. The grey squirrel has pushed the UK’s native red squirrel near to extinction in all but a few places, in under a century.

As a result, grey squirrels are regarded as a pest especially if they choose to nest in your premises.

People think that squirrels are cute and cuddly but they actually cause more problems than rats. Squirrels are very determined creatures and once they enter your loft it is very difficult to get them out and keep them out.

Treating A Squirrel Problem

Although some people find these animals attractive, the damage that they can cause property and trees can justify control methods. These include:

  • Drey poking and shooting
  • Spring Traps
  • Live Capture Traps – under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, Grey Squirrel cannot be release back into the wild
  • Poison Baiting

To help you get rid of your squirrel problem we can offer a secure pest management call out service. This will include:


  • A visit within 24 hours of your call or enquiry, where possible
  • A visit by a fully-trained technician, who has the knowledge and expertise to conduct an in-depth inspection of your problem,
  • A quick solution to your problem; generally using traps placed exactly at the root cause of problem offering a swift remedy.

Grey Squirrel Proofing Works:

  • Advice on possible proofing works can be offered and can be carried out if required that would help to limit the possibility of future problems

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