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Rats Pest Control

How Do I Identify A Rat Problem

Rat infestations are a problem because these carry a number of diseases that can cause serious illnesses in humans and even death. They can also cause damage to structures and wiring.

If you think you’ve got a rat problem, take a look round your premises for entrance points outside. You might also find large droppings, evidence of damage or footprints.

It is also advisable to check any garden areas. Underneath garden sheds is a common home for rats as they like the quiet seclusion. In domestic environments rats like to live in or near compost bins as people often throw away half-eaten fresh fruit.

If you think rats are getting into your premises, you will need to look for broken air bricks, large gaps underneath doors and around door frames. Drains also need checking to make sure they have ‘interceptors’ fitted which stop rats entering premises through the drains.

Rat Pest Control Services

Quick Rat control treatment is essential should you have a rodent infestation. The three week gestation period means that even the smallest problem could soon escalate into a serious situation that increases both the risk to your health, but also the overall cost to treat your problem.

To help you get rid of your Rat problem we can offer a secure pest management call out service. This will include:


  • A visit within 24 hours of your call or enquiry, where possible
  • A visit by a fully-trained technician, who has the knowledge and expertise to conduct an in-depth inspection of your problem,
  • A quick solution to your problem; Bait stations with strong poison placed exactly at the root cause of, offering a swift remedy
  • Fully secure, locked bait stations, resulting in them being safe to be used household pets.

Rat Proofing Works:

  • Advice on possible proofing works that could be carried out that would help to limit the possibility of future problems

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