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Clothes Moths Pest Control

There are two main types of Clothes Moth – the Common Clothes Moth and the Case-bearing Clothes Moth. Clothes moths are not a health risk but their larvae can cause costly damage to clothes, fabrics and any organic materials.

How To Identify A Clothes Moth Problem

Warm dark wardrobes, drawers and insulated lofts make the ideal environment for an array of pests who like textiles. The offspring (larvae) of clothes moths, carpet beetles and fur beetles love to chew through carefully stored clothing, rugs, and curtains – anything made of organic fibres. They also love birds’ nests in loft spaces where the larvae will feed on bird feathers – from here they will quietly spread unnoticed to other areas of the house.

By the time you have noticed the moths and their larvae, they will have already caused a great deal of damage.

Adult textile moths can easily be identified as they are often seen running rather than flying.

How To Get Rid Of Clothes Moths

With clothes moths, prevention is definitely better than cure as, by the time you realise you have a problem, they will most probably have ruined some of your favourite woollens.

If there is a serious infestation of textile moths, a residual spray and fogging are the only options.

To help you get rid of your Moth problem, we at Crofters Pest Control can offer you:

  • A friendly, fully-trained technician, who has the knowledge and expertise to precisely identify the cause of your moth problem
  • A residual spray and fogging of your entire property
  • A first visit within 24 hours of your call or enquiry, where possible

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