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Mice Pest Control

Identifying A Mouse Problem

Mice are pests that love to set up home in warm, dry houses. Often the first sign of a rodent infestation will be their droppings. What you don’t see is their urine which smears on every surface they touch

You have seen evidence of mice in your house, you may even have seen a mouse scurrying away out of the corner of your eye – but how do you find its home?

Mice generally look for somewhere which is quiet and rarely disturbed. One of the first places to look is underneath your stair cupboard. Another popular place is underneath kitchen kick boards. This is a favourite for mice as it is quiet, but also has the advantage for the mouse of lots of little bits of food being kicked under it.

If you can’t see the actual nest, you may see what look like little grains of black rice. These are mouse droppings and they are a clear sign that you have a problem. One mouse produces up to eighty droppings a day.

Mice Pest Control Services

Quick treatment is essential should you have a rodent infestation. The three week gestation period means that even the smallest mouse problem could soon escalate into a serious situation that increases both risk to your health, but also the overall cost to treat your problem.

To help get rid of your Mouse problem we can offer a secure pest management call out service incorporating:


  • A visit within 24 hours of your call or enquiry, where possible
  • A visit by a fully-trained technician, who has the knowledge and expertise to conduct an in-depth inspection of your problem, offering the best solutions to manage and remedy it as quickly as possible.
  • Fully secure, locked bait stations, resulting in them being safe to be used household pets

Mouse Proofing Works:

  • Further advice on proofing works to help limit the possibility of future problems.

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