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The Environment

chicks in nest secondary pest poisoning

We aim to provide the most environmentally friendly approach to Pest Control as we possibly can. We follow the RSPH guidelines in an attempt to avoid secondary poisoning and prevent native species from dying out. Unlike some other companies we adopt a careful and structured approach towards dealing with environmentally conscious situations, so your trust…

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Agricultural Pest Control

agricultural pest control in kent

We can provide a range of Pest Control Services to control Rabbits, Moles and Foxes in the most suitable way, including phostoxin gassing. Having a vast experience within agriculture, we are fully aware of the need to control Mice and Rats and can provide ongoing control solutions to enable you to comply with auditing requirements….

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Domestic Pest Control

rat pest control in kent

Whether it’s a Wasp Nest or Mice in the attic, we offer a same day service (where practical) and aim to solve your problem in as short a space of time as possible.  We also provide solutions outdoors for Moles, Rabbits and Rats. To contact us for a quote, please use the form below.

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Commercial Pest Control

pigeon pest control

We can provide Insect monitoring and eradication when needed. We can also provide ongoing Pest Control solutions for Rats and Mice to ensure environmental standards are maintained. To contact us for a quote, please use the form below.

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